National Child Protection Task Force - 2019 Conference

National Child Protection Task Force - 2019 Conference

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Over the last few years, I have volunteered to help numerous agencies across the country with the investigation and prosecution of cyber-related crimes. I was exposed to different facts and the skills of countless people and soon began to identify successful concepts, which led to the development of the Mobile Device Foundation Course. The course establishes a base knowledge for working with reports derived from target identifiers from both legal and OSINT (open source intelligence) sources and introduces the concept of flow where new identifiers are continuously fed back into the system.


The application of these concepts led to the recovery of several missing and exploited children and also to the identification and arrest of several child sexual predators. Speaking at national conferences exposed me to nationally recognized experts in various fields who have since become friends and mentors. These experts have freely offered their time, resources, and expertise to advise or collaborate on important cases regardless of jurisdiction and without asking for credit. This group has since become known as the National Child Protection Task Force.


The National Child Protection Task Force has agreed to volunteer their time the week of June 10 – 14, 2019 to provide essential training in areas such as how to identify and legally request the proper records, how to map and analyze records, how to conduct location-based investigations with no suspects, how to track cryptocurrency, and how to use OSINT.


The conference is open to law enforcement and prosecution with the hope that there will be people from each state who would be willing to work together as a multi-jurisdictional team to help other agencies when needed. These state teams would eventually form an interconnected web across the country where, instead of losing experience, it would be reinvested and shared with others. We have found that the most effective teams include:


1. A prosecuting attorney/DA for operational and legal strategies;

2. Investigator/analyst focused on CDR/3rd Party/legal returns;

3. Investigator/analyst focused on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).


There will be a nominal fee of $200 per person for the 5-day course, which will include breakfast and lunch, to help cover some of the expenses. The training will be conducted in Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville/Bentonville area) at a location to be determined later.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Kevin Metcalf

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