Brooklyn, NY Leveraging Mobile Device Data in Exigent Situations

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Leveraging Mobile Device Data in Exigent Situations Course

This three-day course is designed to support law enforcement working exigent investigations involving cellular devices. The understanding of the abundance of geolocation data, that is available through cell phones, is a critical component in time-sensitive cases.

This course will focus on understanding how to retrieve historical and live data from cellular providers, including both location data and Call Detail Records (CDRs). Students will learn how to review this data to identify who a person has been communicating with and the importance of these calling patterns. Students will also learn how to use information received from cellular providers to identify additional geolocation data from other sources. Best practices for efficiently working with the data to reach a successful end state will be covered for both criminal and non-criminal emergency situations. Laws that govern obtaining data from cellular providers, absent a search warrant, will also be reviewed.

This class is intended for investigators, analysts, dispatchers, or any other law enforcement member who works exigent investigations involving cell phones. The course will utilize lecture, case studies, and practical workshops to teach and reinforce these best practices.

Topics Covered Include:

• Utilizing CDRs and cellular location data for exigent circumstances
• Using Google location and service information for exigent circumstances
• Utilizing social media data for geolocation and pattern analysis
• Application of public and public safety records during an exigent situation
• Using cellular providers live pings for geolocation tracking
• Review of multiple identifiers used for cellular / Wi-Fi devices
• Using a pen register for exigent situations
• Instruction for exigent procedures in reference to cellular / Wi-Fi devices
• Multiple practical exercises to utilize the skills acquired from the course
• Multiple real-world exigent case studies to reinforce learning points


Materials Needed:

  • Laptop and Mouse
  • Google Earth PRO installed
  • Microsoft Excel installed
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